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Welcome to K. S. Pre University College

Kammavari Sangham (R) 1952, K. S. Group of Institutions


  No.14, Raghuvanahalli, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru - 560109,  [email protected]  +91 74830 23380

(Recognized by Government of Karnataka & Approved by PU Board)

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    Welcome to K. S. Pre University College

    The Kammavari Sangham, established in the year 1952, is a non-profit oriented voluntary service organization. The organization was created with the objective of providing charitable service to the community and society. The Sangham has diversified its activities since its establishment over five decades ago. Now it has expanded its horizons to include community-strengthening ventures, providing education, mechanical and financial support to the society.

    With a firm belief that quality education only can lay a strong foundation for bringing about economic and social changes to the lives of millions, the Sangham went about establishing educational institutions, starting with K.S. Polytechnic in 1992. Enthused with this success of its foray into technical education, the Sangham then started the K.S Institute of Technology (KSIT), its first Engineering College in the year 1999. In the following years both these institutions have carved for themselves an enviable niche through academic excellence achieved in a very short span of time. Following the success of KSIT, the Sangham ventured onwards to start yet another technical institution, oriented towards advanced studies and research.

    Thus the K.S Group of Institutions (KSGI) was born in 2010. KSGI was renamed as K.S.School of Engineering & Management in 2011. K.S.School of Architecture was established in the year 2015.

    K. S. Pre University College was established in the year 2022 with the Vision to become a leading Pre University College that provides transformational education to create knowledgeable and innovative leaders for society and industry.

    Our Core Values are

    • Knowledge
    • Sincerity
    • Perfection
    • Unity
    • Confidence

    To be a leading Pre-university college that provides transformational education to create Knowledgeable and innovative leaders for society and industry.

    • To create an environment where new ideas, research, and innovation flourish, and where tomorrow's leaders and innovators emerge.
    • To provide an education that transforms students through punctilious classes and provides an understanding of industry's and society's needs.
    Highlights of KSPUC
    • Student Admission: KSPU is swiftly spreading its brand, where there is a good amount of increase in students' strength. We have admitted a total of 326 students of commerce and Science for the current academic year. We have added additional sections for both commerce and science. We have started a new language "Sanskrit" for the benefit of students.
    • Morning Prayer and National Anthem: Prayers have a power of providing a good atmosphere that helps to inculcate certain values such as humility and discipline in the students.
      At KSPUC students sing the national anthem every day soon after prayer to instill national pride and respect.
    • Yoga : " A Beautiful creation of the perfect balance of body, mind, and soul" Weekly Yoga classes are incorporated at KSPU with the following objectives:
      • To provide an overall development of personality for the students.
      • To help the students to attain inner tranquility, acquire good health and balanced temperament.
      • To improve cognitive performance (e.g., concentration, memory) among students.
      • To help the students to stay physically fit and mentally active.
    • Commerce Club : A new initiative called " Commerce Club" has been started with the objective of stressing the importance of the practical application of knowledge gained through theory. It aims at enhancing students' communication skills, creative skills, managerial skills, and overall personality development of the students. Students have already experienced 4 different commerce club activities such as Ad making, Business Collage, Economic model making, etc
    • Mentoring : Teachers are the academic parents of the students, so mentoring provides a platform to shape the students both academically and ethically for their overall development. At KSPUC each teacher has been assigned around 20 students to equip them in all ways.
    • Recognising Talents :
      • 2 students of SSLC toppers have been granted FREE SEATS.
      • 10 meritorious students have been awarded scholarships.
      • Subject toppers have been given free books.
    • Renowned Infrastructure:
      • Digital library with well-furnished facility.
      • ICT-enabled classrooms
      • Highly furnished Science laboratory
      • Well-furnished classrooms
      • CCTV-enabled campus.
    • Nurturing Academics :
      • Every Monday subjective tests will be held.
      • Remedial classes will be conducted for strengthening the slow learners.
      • Study materials for all the subjects have been distributed to students.
      • Blue books have been distributed for the weekly test
    • PTM : Every month PTM will be conducted on the last Saturday. Regular PTM has given teachers a good platform to communicate with the parents of the students regarding their strengths and weaknesses
    • Professional exams coaching : students of the science stream have been given coaching for professional exams like CET, JEE, NEET, and other competitive tests are conducted on alternate Saturdays.
    • Library : KSPU library is well-provisioned with an extensive variety of books and publications to facilitate learning ,magnify the knowledge and amplify the experience of the students. We have a substantial collection of digital resources including e-books and journals to help the students to enhance their knowledge base. To assist students to crack competitive exams like CET, JEE, NEET etc, we have an excellent collection of competitive exams books. The digital library provides internet facility and Wi-Fi for the students to equip themselves. Our library provides a good learning environment for the students.
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