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Welcome to K. S. Pre University College

Kammavari Sangham (R) 1952, K. S. Group of Institutions


  No.14, Raghuvanahalli, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru - 560109,  [email protected]  +91 74830 23380

(Recognized by Government of Karnataka & Approved by PU Board)

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Welcome To " K A L A S I R I " - The Cultural Fest of K. S. PUC

The annual Cultural Fest "Kalasiri" hosted by K S PUC is a lively celebration of cultural expression. The importance of holistic development in our kids is emphasised by this massive cultural festival, which is held annually. At Kalasiri, students have a platform to showcase their hidden talents, boost their confidence, and cultivate life and social skills. From captivating solo and group singing performances to mesmerizing dance routines, entertaining skits and mad ads, and an elegant fashion show, the on-stage events offer a delightful display of creativity and talent. Meanwhile, off-stage competitions in mehndi, rangoli, cooking, quiz, essay writing, drawing, painting, and scrap modeling encourage students to explore their artistic abilities and expand their horizons. Kalasiri isn't just about talent; it's a transformative experience that prepares students for success beyond academics by nurturing their confidence, teamwork, and communication skills.

Join us as we celebrate the diverse skills of our students on an incredible trip via music, dance, theatre, and art. Kalasiri is a symbol of our commitment to creating an atmosphere that prioritises personal development and supports an all-around educational philosophy. It's an exciting occasion that not only highlights the variety of abilities our students possess but also demonstrates our dedication to their complete growth. At Kalasiri, the pinnacle of cultural achievement at K S PUC, embrace the enchantment of culture and marvel at the extraordinary abilities on exhibit.