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Welcome to K. S. Pre University College

Kammavari Sangham (R) 1952, K. S. Group of Institutions


  No.14, Raghuvanahalli, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru - 560109,  [email protected]  +91 74830 23380

(Recognized by Government of Karnataka & Approved by PU Board)

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Welcome To K. S. PUC laboratories

The laboratories at K.S. PUC are equipped with the latest technologies and resources to help our students gain hands-on experience and develop their skills.

To guarantee that our students have access to the greatest resources, the laboratories are continually updated with the newest tools and supplies. The best possible experiments may be carried out in this carefully regulated environment by researchers, students, and scientists.


Physics Lab

The K.S. PUC Physics lab provides students the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical experience. The lab is furnished with every tool necessary to conduct the physics experiments outlined in the PU Board's curriculum.

There are only a limited number of students in each batch. They carry out the experiments on their own and learn useful information.


Chemistry Lab

The Chemistry Lab at K. S. PUC is fully furnished with cutting-edge apparatus and serves as a storage facility for all the chemicals and equipment required to conduct various experiments.

The students conduct the experiments safely under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced staff members which provides individual attention to the students.


Biology Lab

The biology department contains a well-equipped lab with all the latest technology, a refrigerator, centrifuge, and oven. For greater understanding, we also employ heavy-handed teaching tools. Future doctors, engineers, scientists, and microbiologists will find the ideal environment in this facility, which includes a human skeleton, charts, visual aids, a sizable collection of animal and plant specimens, and a collection of slides.


Computer Lab

Latest Configuration computers are available at the computer science lab to accommodate both science and business students. The topic has advanced significantly, and students are given access to the Internet to keep up with it under the guidance of well qualified knowledgeable instructors.

The lab is accessible to both students and employees, and it offers connected PCs and internet resources.