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Welcome to K. S. Pre University College

Kammavari Sangham (R) 1952, K. S. Group of Institutions


  No.14, Raghuvanahalli, Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru - 560109,  [email protected]  +91 74830 23380

(Recognized by Government of Karnataka & Approved by PU Board)

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"Welcome to KS PUC Sports"

Welcome To Department of Physical Education and Sports

Physical activity, games, and athletic competitions are essential for a student to be healthy and fit. The institution not only has a variety of sports facilities on its campus, but it also provides students with the tools they need to compete and take part in a variety of individual activities.

We guarantee that our kids receive the greatest coaching by providing a team of pros for every game.

Prime attention is given for Sports to prepare the youth as dynamic individuals with a healthy sportsmanship and fitness. We encourage the potentials of our youth to shine at various levels of sports as true sports persons and good citizens. Sports meet is organised every year which includes athletic events such as running, high jump, long jumps, relay, discuss throw, javelin throw, lemon and spoon etc. Other outdoor sports activities like cricket, volley ball, throw ball, basketball, shuttle badminton etc. will be conducted to show case hidden talents of the students.

The sporting facilities available give pupils the resources they need to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities and succeed in them.